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There is alot to know about Eastern State, so much in fact that it may be intimidating to try and learn everything all at once. With that in mind, we thought it might be convenient for anyone new to our institution to have access to a directory of general information regarding Eastern State Hospital. Hence, this tour is intended to provide a basic overview of the locations, services, and staff on campus. Use the Interactive map to select a point of interest below. To see the Photo Gallery associated with this Tour, Click Here

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Adult Treatment Center

A new Adult Treatment Facility is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2010.  It will provide residential services for individuals 18 years of age and older, and will include treatment areas for forensics and psychosocial rehabilitation.  This building will contain a gymnasium, activity treatment mall, library, canteen and behavioral services.Back to Top

Human Resources/ Staff Development

The Human Resources Department is located in Building 3 and provides employment screening services for Eastern State Hospital as well as the overall management of the compensation plan for both classified and hourly employees. 

An essential aspect of the Hospital Mission is the training and continuing education of its mental health care professions and ancillary staff.  In addition to providing an extensive orientation program to all employees, student interns and volunteers, there are a number of specific curriculums available for direct care staff.  Personal and professional growth is encouraged through participation in diverse offerings such as workshops, seminars, adult basic education programs, certified nurses aide training and many others, including the Statewide College of Direct Support.  Eastern State Hospital conducts numerous training workshops annually to continually upgrade the qualifications of its employees.  Many of these training opportunities are made available to the local community and staff from other agencies.  Being a subscriber to the Health and Science Satellite Network affords an opportunity for the staff to take advantage of professional offerings and conferences via video or audio.  A Hospital Professional Library is available to assist with research and enhance the knowledge level of all staff members.

Eastern State Hospital is affiliated with many local and out-of-state colleges and universities including The College of William and Mary, University of Virginia, Norfolk State University, Hampton University and Virginia Commonwealth University.  Student internship programs are offered in Occupation and Recreation Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, Psychiatry and Counseling.  A Shared Experience Program and Career Services Program with The College of William and Mary enables students to obtain practical experience in mental health services.  Eastern State Hospital also maintains an ongoing affiliation with the Medical College of Hampton Roads in public psychiatry and psychology. Back to Top

Medical Services

The Medical Services Unit, located in Building 4, provides basic medical care for all of the residents at the Hospital, including geriatric care.  This includes pre- and post-operative care, and a short medical detoxification program for substance abusers with psychiatric diagnoses complicated by medical problems.   Medical ancillary services are also provided in the unit and include a Medical Clinic, Pharmacy, Dentist, Clinical Laboratory, Radiology, EEG/EKG Services, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Back to Top

The Davis Building

The Davis Building (14/15) houses the Rehabilitation Department, offering a variety of therapeutic and leisure programs to meet the needs of residents throughout the Hospital.  Occupational, recreational, music and activity therapists work with treatment teams and residents to identify interests, strengths and needs.  Groups and activities are planned and implemented to enhance and improve residents’ psychosocial, physical skills and overall abilities.  Programs are offered in individual treatment units and central activity buildings during the days, evenings and weekends.  A Sheltered Workshop licensed by the U.S. Department of Labor and Industry provides on-grounds employment opportunities that are utilized as part of the overall treatment plan.  The Rehabilitation Department also operates the Dream Shop, located in Building WD-1, which is a fair trade shop of imported crafts that supports orphanages in Guatemala and services to the Maasi Tribe in Africa.  This represents an opportunity for residents to volunteer in a retail setting for an altruistic purpose.

The Transitional Living Community (TLC) is also located in the Davis Building. Established in May, 2005 and the first in a Virginia public inpatient mental health facility, this 15-bed coed unit represents a non-traditional setting managed by the ESH Rehabilitation Department.  Residents who are psychiatrically stable and require minimal staff supervision and intervention, but are unable to be discharged for non-behavioral reasons, are referred by their treatment teams for TLC Membership.  The primary goal is to provide opportunities for the members to develop and practice their independent living  and decision-making skills as part of their recovery process and transition to community living. Back to Top

Buildings and Grounds/ Safety/ Store Room/ Printshop

Building 16 houses a variety of Support functions that provide services to the Hospital buildings and campus, including the Buildings and Grounds Department, Office of the Hospital Safety Director, Storeroom and Warehouse operations and the Hospital Print Shop.  Back to Top

The Dream Shop

The Dream Shop is a fair trade shop operated by ESH resident volunteers selling handcrafted and hand sewn items from cooperatives in Guatemala and Africa. Ninety percent of the sales proceeds are returned to the coop-eratives to support community development projects including an orphanage, medical clinics, schools, education, and initiatives chose by individual communities. For more information on the Dream Shop, you may contact Laura Dollieslager at Back to Top

Admissions Acute Treatment Center

This program located in Building 24, provides a single point of entry for all individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 years of age, who have been pre-screened in the communities located within Health Services Area V (Tidewater Region).  Short-term intensive treatment is provided to those individuals experiencing acute mental and emotional illness.  Most of these individuals can be helped within approximately 28 days and are returned to the community.  Those who are in need of continued support, supervision, and further treatment, are referred to other programs at Eastern State Hospital.Back to Top

Procurement/ ADA

Building WD-8 is the oldest building on the current campus (1935), and houses the offices of the Procurement Department and the Assistant Hospital Director.  Back to Top

Hancock Geriatric Center

A “state of the art” 150-bed evidence-based design facility opened on April 1, 2008, and provides a treatment program for those individuals 65 years of age or older who are unable to care for themselves due to symptoms of mental illness.  This also includes specific programs that address Alzheimer’s and dementia illnesses.  Both medical and psychiatric services are important for this age group.  Many of these individuals are able to return to families, nursing homes, or are place in other types of community living residences.Back to Top

Forensics Treatment Program/ Admissions

This program located in Building 2 is designated as a medium security program.  The program provides treatment for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness who are involved with the criminal justice system either pre- or post-trial.  Pre-trial residents include individuals charged with non-violent offenses being detained in local and regional jails who require brief emergency treatment of their mental illness or those individuals who have been found incompetent to stand trial and require treatment to restore them to trial competence.  In addition, the Forensic program provides treatment for a number of individuals who have been adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and who have been committed to DMHMRSAS, as provided by the Code of Virginia, for treatment until such time as the Court determines that they can safely return to the community. Back to Top

Swimming Pool/ Bath House

The ESH Swimming Pool is an official olympic size pool and ius used for water therapy programs for both residents and staff. A bathhouse is also provided as well as a removable plastic bubble that allows for the use of the pool throughout the entire year. The Pool is also shared with the community under an agreement with the Williamsburg Aquatic Club. Back to Top

Picnic Shelter

The ESH picnic shelter provides an outdoor sheltered location with picnic tables and four large grills for special events. Picnics and other events are held at this shelter for both residents and staff. The shelter is also open to community organizations at no charge, but must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Office of the Assistant Hospital Director. Back to Top

Grounds Shop

Located in building WD-3, the Grounds Shop is the primary office of the ESH Grounds Department, who are responsible for maintenance and enhancement of the 500 acres of facility woods and lawn areas. The forest is managed through an agreement with the Virginia Division of Forestry. It is interesting to note that ESH property is home to the 7th largest yellow poplar tree in the Commonwealth. This Tree has been duly certified and registered with the Remarkable Tree Program Operated by Virginia Tech. It is located down a mulched path behind the Dream Shop, and benches are provided to view the tree at the site. This yellow poplar is estimated to be nearly 300 years old, has a circumference of approximately 17 feet, and a canopy of nearly 350 feet.Back to Top

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

The goal of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) located in Buildings 24, 25 and 26 is to increase the function of persons with psychiatric disabilities, so they can be successful and satisfied in their environments of choice with the least amount of professional intervention.   The PSR Program was the first in Virginia to incorporate these principles within the walls of a large psychiatric hospital, while creating an environment that supports and facilitates the best performance of the residents and staff.  Back to Top